New Features, Fixes and Enhancements in the Latest Cricut App Update

New Features, Fixes and Enhancements in the Latest Cricut App Update

The Cricut team is thrilled to announce the release of an exciting update for the Cricut App which is set to enhance user experience manifold. This latest update brings a host of new features and fixes that are designed to make your crafting journey smoother and more enjoyable. Let's take a look at the noteworthy changes in this newest version.

New Features:

  1. Enhanced Image Search: We have revamped our image search feature, making it easier than ever to find the perfect images for your projects. You can now search by category or keyword, allowing you to locate specific designs faster.
  2. Project Sharing: With our new project sharing feature, you can now share your favorite creations with friends and family directly from the app. This allows others to view and appreciate your work, or even collaborate on designs.
  3. Material Settings Customization: The material settings section has been upgraded for better control over cut settings. Users can now customize pressure and blade depth depending on their chosen material, providing more precise cuts.
  4. Guided Setup Process: We've introduced a guided setup process for new users or those setting up a new machine. This step-by-step guide will help users get started quickly and easily.
  5. Multi-Language Support: To make Cricut accessible to users worldwide, we have added multi-language support in this update, including Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.


  1. Login Issues: We've fixed bugs that caused problems during login for some users. You should now be able to log into your account without any issues.
  2. Loading Speed Improvement: Some users reported slow loading times when launching the app or accessing certain features within it. Our developers have addressed these issues by optimizing performance across all sections of the app.
  3. iOS Compatibility: There were issues reported about compatibility with certain iOS devices which have been resolved in this update so all iPhone users should now be able to use the app without any trouble.


  1. User Interface Improvements: We've polished our user interface (UI), improving navigation within the app to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  2. Faster Project Uploads: Our developers have worked tirelessly on backend improvements that significantly speed up project uploads so you can start crafting sooner!
  3. Design Space Enhancements: To improve functionality within Design Space, we’ve made various enhancements including clearer image previews and more reliable layer visibility controls.

This comprehensive update embodies our commitment towards delivering an unparalleled crafting experience through continuous improvement of our platform based on feedback from our valued community of crafters.

Remember that as always with any updates or changes in software applications, there may be slight learning curves as you adjust to these features or fixes but rest assured they were created with enhancing user experience at its core.

We encourage everyone who uses Cricut App to explore these fantastic updates! Happy Crafting!

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